From the darkest jungles of central Africa came a virus so deadly, it killed anyone unlucky enough to be exposed to it. For over 40 years, researchers and virologists have tried to find out where it comes from, without success. Ebola. It has never crossed the Atlantic, until now.
            When a young ER doctor, Doctor George Adrian, finds one of his patients with all the symptoms of hemorrhagic fever, he knows he must race against not only time, but the virus itself. His only hope is retired virologist, Colonel John Francis, who witnessed first hand the devastation Ebola caused in Zaire in 1976. Only he knows exactly what they’re up against. But after the carnage he saw so many years ago, can he be persuaded to put his life and the lives of his original team at risk again?
           In a race against nature and the most deadly pathogen the world has ever seen, two doctors with very different backgrounds must come together as partners to stop death from spreading to every corner of the United States and beyond, before the Dark Plague claims more victims.

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